Afterland is a real AA game that we have been developing for 2 years in France. Unlike most games on the P2E market that often offer a limited experience, this is a huge project that has been designed to be a real fun and addictive video game.
Our observations? Today, no game really stands out. Once the fomo effect around the game has faded, it is of no interest because it does not bring any value to the gameplay. This is a major problem that motivated us to enter this market with a real project comparable to the quality of console games. With our past experience in the VR entertainment market, we are convinced that we can bring real added value to this market.
In the medium/long term, we wish to develop a catalog of quality P2E games with a common token but also a virtual space linking each game of the company Hymersion-Studio (including the games already developed). We are also thinking internally to propose a version of our game Afterland in the Hymersion VR arcades with the notion of play and earn (not before mid 2023).
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