The economic system is based on 2 tokens.
The $ALF Token (governance token)
The $ALF Token is the central money of the game, it allows you to buy et sell all the game resources and NFTs. It can be obtained by exchanging or being rewarded in PVE and PVP mods.
Token $ELEC
It allows to finance the cost of production of your lobby machines, it can be associated to the energic cost of those machines. It can be obtained only by the $AFL token reward and cannot be staked. Its fonction is really important beacause without it, players will not be able to produce necessary resources to play the game. Therefore players will be encouraged to stake the $ALF token and stabilize the money value.
Tokens repartition
Vesting tokens after private room and IDO to be directly staked to generate yield.
3 Liquidity Pools will be available:
$AFL / $ETH -> $AFL $AFL -> $AFL
Commercialization of Token and NFT:
The Token will be commercialized around September 2022, the NFT of the lobby will be commercialized the following weeks.