What is already developed :
  • Gameplay of the desert map
  • 15 AI enemies in the desert map, + the Elite version
  • 20 Weapons
  • 150 Bonuses
  • 100 Weapon enchantment
  • Multiplayer gameplay
  • Enemies generation, logic of movements on the map
  • Camp generation system
  • Map and difficulty level evolution system
  • Resource drop system (chest, gems etc)
  • Potions merchant, weapons merchant and weapons improvement
To sum up, the whole game engine is functional but we still have to develop the content of the graveyard and jungle maps. The management of the lobby with their machines is also in development. The fund raising will allow us to finalize these aspects.
Development in progress (detailed technical roadmap)
Detailled Roadmap :
April - May :
  • Debugging of the Canyon Map
  • Adjustment of the multiplayer mechanics
  • Development of the AI associated with the Graveyard Map
  • Integration of the 15 graveyard weapons
  • Test of the level design of the graveyard map
  • Development of the mechanics associated with the Level Design (LD)
  • Development of the crafting system
June - July :
  • Integration of the graphic layer on the graveyard map (FX, shader)
  • Balancing of the server resources
  • Lobby system
  • Crafting system
  • Talent system
  • Inventory management
  • User interface
  • ​
  • Contact with launchpad
August - September :
  • Mint of the Lobby 1st editions
  • Marketing operation associated with the mint
  • Level design of the Map Jungle, Phase blocking
  • Integration of the AI of the jungle map
  • Integration of weapons and jungle map
  • Graphic integration of the LD Jungle
  • Creation of the $AFL token -Contact Exchange for token listing
  • Launch of marketing operations for IDO
  • Création of the platform for the ICO
  • Creation of the Stacking platform
  • Finalization of the Jungle Map
  • Development of the bosses of the jungle map
  • Integration of the V1 sounds
October - November : Marketing
  • Test Matchmaking System by pool
  • Développent of the Scholar System
  • Marketplace system associated with the blockchain
  • Test of the PVE rewards system
  • Integration of the game on the immutable blockchain X
  • Final game launch interface
  • Balancing the overall gameplay
  • Integration of the marketplace on our website
  • ​
  • Launch of Private Sales + IDO
  • December - January :
  • Deployment of the reporting system
  • Development of the PVP gameplay
  • Development of the PVP League System,
  • Launching of the Closed Beta ( 2 - 3 weeks )
  • Adjustment and patching of the game according to the feedbacks of the beta
  • Creation of the Level Design of MAP 4
  • Adding different Skins and Emotte
  • Creation of the marketing support
  • Marketing campaign for the launch of the Open Beta
February - March :
  • Launch of the Open Beta
  • Launching of the beta (variable date)
  • Adjustment and patching afterwards according to the feedback of the beta
  • Integration of the MAP 4 Mob
  • Finalization of the World 4
  • Finalization of the sounds design
  • Start of the development of the Mobile format (Android and Iphone)
April :
  • Official launch
  • Development of the Mobile