Our Company
Our video games studio was created in early 2018, passionate about virtual worlds, we have developed our own catalog of video games for amusement parks (Bowling, Theme Parks, Shopping Centers). About fifteen Hymersion centers have our name to date.
our center
IAPAA 2021 avec l'équipe commerciale d'Hymersion a Barcelone During the last years, we have created about ten different games, played daily by thousands of players. Our team is composed of about twenty people, half of whom work in our premises, the others in partnership all over the world. Here is a presentation video that retraces our journey. It was shot to present our products in virtual reality.
Team :
CEO Kevin Nicas : Marketing Manager : Thomas Rubio CTO : Eric Escher Développer Unity : Arnaud Mellin Developper Unity : Nicolas Perot Developpeur Blockchain : Florian Webb Graphist 3D Adrien Feriolo
Graphist 2D : Adrien Chan Commercial Hymersion : Romain Sadok
Webmaster : Kevin Valfin
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