Talent and customization
When players click on the "profile" button from the home page they will be taken to the management area. This allows players to manage the active items for the next games.
3 Categories of items that the player can equip: Consumables: Ammunition, Potions and Keys, they are destroyed after use.
Equipment cards (Talents) : -The talent cards give power bonuses to the players, -They are crafter by the players -They wear out after several dozen games -They can be upgraded to level 5 -The more a talent card is upgraded, the more level points* it gives to its owner -When a talent card is completely worn out, it is destroyed and its owner gets back 100% of the production resources
Skins and Emottes: They are generally obtained in limited numbers via Events or at low drop rates, they can be bought and sold from the sales hotel. Skins allow players to change their appearance.
Talent Class Overview: Talents allow players to evolve their play style according to their preferences but also to have a unique gameplay compared to other players.
There are 4 types of talents:
-DPS : Damage -Protection : Tank -Utility : Heal / Support -Combo : Tactical / Chain
Each talent card can level up and gain power, To level up the player must have identical talent cards to merge them, beware the merger has a 50% chance to fail and destroy the 2 cards.
The talents are still being tested, a final list will be announced soon
Equipment level system :
Talent cards increase the equipment level of players. The higher his level, the further he can advance in the PVE adventure. If his equipment level is not high enough, the enemies will gain life points and damage. However, an excellent player should be able to finish the game with little equipment.
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