Scholarship and Companion
To access the scholarship, you must select "find an associate" in the game menu
When the player clicks on "view supplier ads" You can see the ads of all the portal providers with their expectations. (Providers are investors who pay for players' games in exchange for royalties on their next games)
The button "place an offer" allows you to place an ad to recruit a player to play for you. You can define the type of portal, the % of royalties, the number of games per day and the average minimum ranking of a player who can accept the association.
The "see my suppliers" button allows you to consult the portal suppliers with whom you are associated. Having several providers will allow you to make more games per day. You can also break your association at any time if needed.
It is the same with the providers, when you click on the button "see my associates", all the players who "work" for you will be displayed. With the "Profit/Loss" button you can check how much a player has brought you over X games.

Companion System

Players who own lobbies will be able to recruit companions (bot) to play PVE mode in Afterland. The rewards earned by companions will allow investors to earn PVE rewards without having any gaming skills. The main difference with the scholarship system is that you don't need to recruit a real player, so management is greatly simplified. However the rewards will be greatly reduced compared to the classic PVE performance, so as not to distort the interest of players for the game.
To be noted, -Companions are in a different reward pool than classic PVE players -Companions can only play one game per day. -The number of companions that can be recruited depends on the size of the lobbies: ->Tiny house: 0 companions ->Adventurer's house: 2 companions ->Manor: 4 ->Palace: 8 comparions (the palace can be obtained only by upgrading a manor)
The victory rate of the companions depends on 3 factors: -The equipment level of the bot (compared to other players in the same pool) : 0-40%. -Morale level of bots (depends on the level of investment in your lobby, decoration, machine..) 0-20% -Luck factor : 0-40%.
The sum of these 3 variables will determine the ranking of the bot at the end of each run. There will always be the possibility to play in bronze / silver / gold mode
Bot efficiency:
If your companion has > 20% of equipment + moral score , you can expect to earn 50$ per month If your companion has > 40% equipment + moral score, you can expect to earn $150 per month If your companion has > 60% equipment + moral score, you can expect to earn $300 per month
This return is speculative because many factors can change your return: Your stake, here in X1 is 100Token $AFL / choice of pool bronze, silver or gold, / evolution of the equipment of other players compared to yours / variation of the price of the token, here token has 0.075$.
Why we have add the companion system?
The bots system allows to stabilize the balance of the game even in case of shortage of players the game model can work normally. In addition, it allows us to attract more investors (who participate in stabilizing the token) thanks to the management side of the game by offering a complete and different experience from the PVE and PVP game modes. Please note that we do not want companions to offer better returns than scholarships. The value of Afterland lies in the originality of its gameplay, we absolutely do not want to reduce the game click to earn. The companion system should be a complementary alternative, but not a substitute for the classic PVE or scholar ship.
Let's compare the performance of scholar ships and companions: Bronze companion pool yield: +20 AFL Token earned per game -30% tax for PVE pools
Bronze Player Pool Return:
+20 Token AFL (on average, as the number varies by ranking) +Fees collected on sales taxes +Fees collected from token sales +Fees collected from companion rewards +Gems resources +Boss resources
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