PVE Funding and Rewards
After clicking on the tab "start a new adventure ,
This is not the representation of the final interface
The game offers 3 gameplay options Bronze, Silver and Gold
Depending on the portal you choose, you will have to be more or less successful in the game compared to the players. Indeed, if you choose the Bronze portal: you will have to exceed the score of 20% of the players, 50% for the silver and 80% for the gold. The further you get in the adventure, the more tokens you will earn depending on the portal you choose.
The rewards are financed by the players who lose, so if you play in Gold you will have 4x more rewards than in Bronze, because there are 4x more players who lose.
Players will also have the possibility to bet more tokens at the beginning of the game. Thus, the games can be launched in X1, X2, X10. The winnings will be multiplied according to the starting bet.
If you don't have a token to play, there are 2 possibilities:
-You can play for free thanks to the scholarship system integrated in the game, allowing you to share the rewards of your next run in exchange for funding the games. -Play in free-to-play mode thanks to a game offered every day ( low income pool ).
Reward funding:
After completing a PVE game, you will earn a chest that you can open after 24 hours. This delay is important because it allows us to count the ranking of all players and thus have a fair distribution of rewards.
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