Lobby and crafting
Lodges allow players to develop their economy through the use of machines. They are also social spaces where players can meet, play mini-games or trade.
They are comparable to Houses accessible from the game menu by other players. A player can have up to 5 Lodges on his account. This allows players to specialize their lobbies in different areas, crafting, social or business.
Lobbies will be fully customizable and will be real community exchange places.
Lobby customization system is under development (image taken from our development)
The bigger a lobby is, the more it allows to control machines and thus to produce resources to earn more tokens.
Lobby will allow investors to recruit scholars or companions for their next PVE game. The bigger the lobby, the more scholars and companions the investor can have at the same time. Mint October 2022:
The next Mint will offer 1st edition lobbies ( October 2022 ) The 1st edition Lobby* gives exclusive staking benefits. We also offer Machine cards with each lobby Mint. All these benefits will be exclusive and valid only at the first mint.
Tiny House 1st Edition:
  • +10% return on Token Staking
  • +0% ELEC$ return
  • +2 Scholar Slots
  • +3 Slot Machines
  • +1 Companion Slot
Adventure House 1st Edition:
  • +20% return on Token Staking
  • +50% more return on ELEC$
  • +4 Scholar Slots
  • +6 Slot Machines
  • +3 Slot Companions
Manor 1st Edition:
  • +40% return on Token Staking +150% return on ELEC$
  • +150% more return on ELEC$
  • +12 Slot Machines
  • +8 Scholar Slots
  • +8 Companion Slots
Castles (not available in mint, only available via manor upgrade)
  • +80% return on token staking
  • +300% ELEC$ return
  • +16 Companion Slots
  • +24 Slot Machine
  • +16 Scholar Slots
  • Number of people connected at the same time <150
The 3 Lobby Types available at Mint will have different sizes:
Lobby improvements :
Lobbies will have the possibility to be upgraded to higher level lobbies To upgrade a lobby card you need 2 identical lobbies, if the upgrade works you get the upgraded lobby + the original lobby. In case of failure, 1 of the 2 lobbies is destroyed.
Improvement rate for lobby cards: -Tiny House -> Medium house: 50%. -Medium House -> Manor: 25%. -Manor -> Castle: 12.5
Crafting : Eah time a machine is equipped in a dwelling, it requires X slots of space. All machines can be upgraded by merging 2 machine cards of the same level. Some machines also allow you to merge talent cards or scrolls (Essential cards to improve your performance) The success rate of merging is 50%. When a machine is merged, it improves its performance and/or also produces an add5nal resource. If the Machine is destroyed the player loses their 2 Machine NFT cards, the cost associated with the lost machines will be redistributed in the form of gems to the winning players in the next PVE games. Gems are essential components for crafting new machines.
In order to function, the machines need the $ELEC Token, which can only be produced via the Stacking reward of the $AFL Token, and players will have the option of selling it on the game's marketplace. (As a reminder, the $ELEC Token is associated with the energy cost of the machines)
There are 3 types of machines:
-The production machines: They produce the elementary resources, necessary for the crafting of the majority of the objects of the game (Wood, Silver and Gold).
-The machines of consumables: They produce the consumables that will be used during the games PVE Ammunition, Key to open chests or hidden areas, Potions ...
-The Machines of permanent : The permanent ones are elements which are not destroyed during parts. It concerns the cards of equipment , the elements of decorations for the lobby, the construction of machines or Skin.
All items produced by the machines can be sold to other players.
Lobbies allow players to display their rewards, but also to sell their items to other players at a lower cost. Players who sell the machines from the lobby pay 5% sales tax compared to 10% if they sell directly on the marketplace. 80% of the sales tax goes directly to the rewards of future PVE games.
The elements of customization of the lodge:
In order to be a real social vector, it was important that the houses could be completely customizable, floor, wall, tables, chairs, shelves, library, trinkets etc.. If a lobby has a commercial function it is important to have an appropriate design, likewise if it is used as a game room or simply a community space .
These small items give powerful advantages to the players who possess them, they are very rare and cannot be crafted. They can only be obtained in legendary chests or as boss rewards. They are categorized as decorative items in the lobby and do not consume machine slots.
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