Gameplay PVP
The PVP Block will be available once the PVE Block is completed, it is still under development and adjustment.
2 Leagues will be available to participate in PVP battles:
The Free to Play League: Entry is free. Depending on their ranking, players will get rewards in the form of NFT (Skin or Collectable) which can be sold on the marketplace.
League challenger: will be accessible after buying the season pass and the cost of the season pass will finance the PVP rewards.
PVP game play :
PVP games will be played in 2 VS 2 or 1 VS 1
At the beginning of each game, players will be able to choose and see the equipment cards for the battle. They will also be able to see the cards selected by the opponent at the same time. Players will have 30 seconds to prepare their deck face up.
The game starts in a large arena (several biomes will be available) Near the point of appearance there will be a merchant who will offer them various weapons and elemental grenades or potions. The player starts with 100 gold coins (example value).
Each time you kill a player, you earn 75 gold coins. To win the game you need to reach 250 gold coins. Each time you die, you can go back to the merchant. So you will have to gauge your resources correctly to win.
Chests will also be randomly placed in the area, allowing you to collect some coins and encourage players to move around the map.
When a player wins the game, he earns reward points. The sum of these points will determine his ranking and season rewards.
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