Gameplay PVE
Launching the game and discovering the worlds of Afterland :
The game is broken down into 4 worlds. Each zone is a large semi-procedural open world map.
-The Canyon: a hot arid place where ancient temples and fire will be your daily life... -The Graveyard : swamp and haunted forest will cover the scenery overlooked by a huge mansion -The Lunar Jungle : Composed of several floating islands covered by a thick forest, it is the remnant of ancient fallen explorers and abandoned ships... World 4 is still under development, it will be available in 2023
How does a game unfold? When the game starts you have no weapons, no bonus, no token. However, the NFT cards of equipment earned while playing will allow you to improve the stats of your character. After starting a game, you will arrive in a hostile world where your only objective will be to get as far as possible in the game.
To get out of a world victorious, you will have to collect 3 power crystals in each world. They will be kept in dungeons or enemy camps. They are easy to find because they emit a powerful blue beam visible from the sky but accessing them will be much more perilous. Combat and platforming phases will be necessary to reach the crystals.
To ensure your success, you will quickly need weapons, grenades and bonuses to defeat your enemies. You can get them from merchants in exchange for a few coins or find them in chests hidden in the different worlds.
Once you have collected the 3 crystals, you will be able to create the portal to go to the next world...but be careful, it is usually at this moment that the boss of the world appears.
Map canyon
Beware, the worlds evolve over time, the longer players stay in a dimension the more hostile it becomes. Enemies become more powerful, the percentage of elite monsters becomes more important and nature starts to rage. For example, in the Canyon world, the volcano will start spitting fireballs and a storm is brewing... You will have to take the risk to continue your exploration, or to end your game.
Minor zone and Major zone:
Top View canyon map
The worlds are built in several zones, minor and major. Each zone is an interchangeable block, with each new game new zones will appear (example: if you saw a huge tower it could become a mine or a castle in the next game). This allows the players to live a new experience every game. The minor areas are more of an exploration area and the major areas hide the power crystals as well as bosses and important rewards.
Weapons: In each world, 11 different weapons will be available (44 in total). Almost all types of weapons exist in Afterland, and each of them has a unique gameplay. They have different levels of rarity : Normal / Rare / Epic / Legendary The rarer a weapon is, the more powerful it is.
The weapons also have different damage elements: Fire, water, poison, ice, lightning and Normal. Depending on their elements they can be more or less effective against enemies. The notion of element brings a strategic role also for the fight(s) against the bosses.
Affixes and bonuses :
When a weapon appears it gets random bonus effects according to a hundred possible effects, called affixes. A weapon can have up to 5 affixes at the same time, ensuring that a player has a unique weapon for each new game.
Magic grenades:
More than 40 magic grenades have been developed for the game. It gives various effects to the caster or group, some are defensive, and others, offensive.
During your journey, you will meet different merchants, In exchange of some coins (valid currency only during the current game) they will offer you weapons, potions and bonuses!
Bonuses : Bonuses improve your character's abilities during the current game. They can be found in chests or bought from merchants (if they sell them). Some are rarer than others and give more advantages. Generally, the more you advance in the game, the more powerful the bonuses you will find.
List of bonuses and developed affixes
Some pictures of the "cemetery" map in progress (
Balancing system and equipment level The level of difficulty of the game will evolve progressively as the player reaches new worlds. In order to reach these worlds, players must have sufficient equipment. If the player's level is lower than the game level, the enemies will gain bonus health and damage.
This balancing system is important because it allows to bring more value to the equipment, and to justify the market economy around the game. However a very good player should be able to finish the game with little equipment.
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