Le Principe
Afterland is a multiplayer first person shooter with stylized graphics. To earn tokens, several gameplay options will be available to you: The game will be playable totally in free to play with a scholarship system
PVE Adventure mode:
Alone or with several players, you will have to face the world of Afterland in 4 semi-procedural worlds. But be careful, you only have one life to finish the adventure. With each new game, new weapons, monsters, bonuses and dungeons will be generated.
The further a player gets in the adventure, the more tokens or resources he will earn. The resources collected in the game will allow the player to improve his dwelling and create new machines to improve his character or to develop his economy by selling the resources on the markeplace. Battles in the arena between players will also be implemented with a reward system according to their ranking
PVP mode:
You will have to fight in the arena to prove your values and improve your ranking. Thanks to the acquisition of NFT equipment cards (unlockable while playing) you will be able to create an original gameplay to defeat your opponents. The higher your ranking the greater your rewards will be.
Building and social :
To develop your economy, you will have to own a house. This will allow you to build your own machines, to produce necessary resources, but also to invite other players to your home to show your NFT collection. The bigger the house, the more game possibilities it offers (number of players, shops, events etc.) All acquired resources can be sold on the game's marketplace as tokens.
In conclusion, in order for the game to work, we wanted it to adapt to the expectations of the entire Play to Earn community: -Investor with the building -Demanding gamer with PVE and high level PVP -Casual with the free to play The game is thought from the beginning to answer the crossing of these 3 fundamentals
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