What is an NFT?
They are unique digital objects certified by the blockchain. They can be resold for Cryptocurrencies and real money. NFTs associated with games allow you to obtain in-game and financial benefits. They are usually bought to enjoy the game or to generate a financial gain.
How to buy AFL Token:
The AFL token will be available on different exchanges like Uniswap. We will communicate the exact list when the tokens are issued.
How to buy AFterland NFT
The easiest way is to participate in the mint around October on our website If you couldn't get them, they will be available on the secondary market Opensea. Then the next mints will take place on immutable X at the end of the year.
When will the game be available?
The version 1 of the game is planned for the end of the year in Beta.
Have you already made other games ?
We have developed about ten games, mainly in virtual reality for the public leisure market (theme parks and game rooms). A dozen centers in France use our content.
Where is the company located?
The company is based in the south of France between Toulouse and Spain
Why did you choose to make NFT games?
In 2020 we were a major player in VR entertainment in France but the health crisis has reshuffled the cards. We still had the passion to create virtual worlds and the blockchain associated with the metaverse was for us the best way to express ourselves.
How much will I have to invest to earn money?
0€, the game is completely accessible in free to play. However the acquisition of lobby will allow you to develop your economy in the game
What are your plans for the future?
In the medium to long term, we plan to develop a catalog of interconnected metaverse games that use the same token. We are also thinking about connecting all our VR rooms to a blockchain and play to earn system.
Your networks?