Blockchain, Game support

The game will be developed in crosschain on the blockchain wax and immutable x Wax blokchain
Wax is blokchain mainly specialized in play to earn,
  • Wax has a very high volume of players (according to the dappradar site) and is ranked N°1 in terms of volume of players on the play to earn games
  • There are almost no shooting games and none like Afterland On the blockchain Wax
  • The Wax blockchain has quality partners
  • The blockchain is carbon neutral
Blockchain, immutable X
Our game will be deployed aslo on the immutable X platform. We believe in the future of this blockchain because it has several significant advantages for our ecosystem:
  • No transaction fees
  • Platform specialized in play to earn
  • No gas fee
  • Ultra fast, up to 9000 TPS
  • Carbon neutral
They have raised 200 Million Euros in March 2022 to improve their platform. Moreover, they will host the biggest Play 2 earn in 2022 like Iluvium
Engine , Unity :
We chose to develop our game on Unity 5 because we have a strong expertise in the game engine for 5 years. Unity games are also "lighter" in terms of resources, allowing us to adapt our content more easily on mobile. Finally since 2021 Unity improves the development tools for play 2 earn.
Support, PC Browser:
The game is planned for late 2022 on PC via download from our website. A web browser version will also be planned to allow profiles rather investors to have access to the marketplace without having to download the game .
Mobile :
During 2023, we will deploy a mobile version of the game to expand our target. The free to play mode will be integrated at that time.